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Podcast #305: Behold A Dictator (2 of 2) – Good Taste and Good Breeding, With Thaddeus Russell

Part 8 in the survey series, A Renegade History Course. This is a live discussion with historian Thaddeus Russell, the author of A Renegade History of the United States. Today's show focuses on the subservience of Hollywood and the press during the New Deal, and eventually moves into the genesis of eugenics in America. Co-hosts: Antigone Darling of Sex, Lies & Anarchy and Carlos Morales of Truth Over Comfort Discussed Today: -Self-Purification of Judaism -CENSORSHIP/SELF-CENSORSHIP of the Press -Hollywood transformation 1920s: celebration the rebellious spirit of the time, promotion sexual liberation and strong women 1930s: "good taste," regimentation, community, and pro-state -Hayes office - code of self-censorship -"The Road Is Open Again" Warner Brothers propaganda -FOX and the Will Rodgers ...

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