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[PODCAST] #481: How Do We Empower Parents Against the Expanding Nanny State?

David DeLugas has 35 years of experience practicing family law. During that time he has observed some disturbing trends in state intrusions into the parent-child relationship. Today he serves as Executive Director and General Counsel for the National Association of Parents, a 501(c)(3) member charitable association. David DeLugas and I discuss: the problems created by divorce + family court - school attendance: how schools create criminals out of parents - is there an anti-family ideology at work? - CPS intrusions - the public's assumption of benevolence when it comes to bureaucracies - zero tolerance - Lenore Skenazy and free-range kids - helicopter parenting enforced by law - the long-term costs of over-parenting by government From ParentsUSA.org: The Voice for Parents ...

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