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065: Bureaucrats Are People Too!

In today's installment, I interview Steve Ressler, founder of the government employee social networking site govloop.com, and organizer of the Government Doesn't Suck Rally (October 30th, Washington D.C.). I happen to have a show that suggests the government does suck, so I thought we could bounce some ideas off each other. I skipped past a number of arguments and questions to deal specifically with the non-aggression principle. While I thought this would be little more than an amusing discussion, it actually evolved into a larger examination of empathy, forgiveness, and differentiation within the bureaucratic structure. Look Closer: Bob Murphy's Mises Archive http://mises.org/articles.aspx?AuthorId=380 Government workers: 'We need love too.' http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Election-2010/Vox-News/2010/1030/Government-workers-We-need-love-too. Steve Ressler: Government Doesn't Suck http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-ressler/government-doesnt-suck_b_773021.html

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