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[PODCAST] #389: Jordan Page – Home Education, Self-Governance and the Future

Jordan Page joins me in the School Sucks studio for a casual conversation, peppered with intense and musical moments. BIO: Jordan is an American recording artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the US. He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government. Jordan has headlined at hundreds of political events since 2008 and is known as a leading voice of liberty in America. Jordan shared the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 18 times on the presidential campaign trail including the Revolution March in 08', the Iowa Straw Poll in 11', and the Sun Dome Rally in Tampa at the RNC in ...

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Podcast #285: Where Do White People Come From? (with Thaddeus Russell)

Part 5 in the survey series, A Renegade History Course. This is the fifth discussion with historian Thaddeus Russell, the author of A Renegade History of the United States. Discussed Today: The second part of A Renegade History of the United States, How White People Lost Their Rhythm, including the stories of Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants, and how they were assimilated into American culture. Bumper Music: "I Wan'na Be Like You" (The Jungle Book) - Louie Prima "Beyond the Sea" - Bobby Darin "Jump Jive An' Wail" - Louis Prima "My Romance" - Frank Sinatra & Dinah Shore "Slow Ride" - The Beastie Boys Look Closer: Thaddeus Russell's Site - www.thaddeusrussell.com See Thaddeus Russell's sources for the chapters in ...

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