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193: A High School Freshman Wakes Up and Speaks Out

Topic: Drew Demeter joins us to discuss his self-education and his You Tube channel, Teen Take. View and subscribe here: Teen Take This is the full audio version of SchoolSucksTV #5 Discussion: -Influences/What inspired you to start this channel? -Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura -What is the school experience like after coming to understand the ideas of liberty? -The pledge of allegiance -The concept of "equality" -the type of equality libertarians care about The podcast version includes our full discussion, which also covers -Monsanto and eugenics? -The conspiracy context and jumping the gun Bumper Music: da Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley on Marimba Look Closer: Teen Take TheAlexJonesChannel Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Related PostsSchoolSucksTV #5: A Freshman Wakes ...

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