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[PODCAST] #401: Setting and Achieving Goals (1 of 2) – Attitudes, Obstacles and Mistakes

SSP Productivity Month! Nathan Fraser from Anarcho-Preneur Podcast joins me to discuss how to set and accomplish our goals. This is an introduction to a coming discussion about more specific tips and strategies. All episodes this are intended as reviews, updates and expansions on our 2013 series Presence and Productivity. Click here to view those episodes. Covered: -Overcoming self-defeating attitudes -Monetizing a media project -Cultivating and maintaining gratitude -Define goals, milestones, habits, "next actions" -The mistakes we've made with goals -Breaking out of a comfort zone -School's impact on attitudes about goals -The magic of checklists -David Allen's Self-Management Matrix This month SSP has partnered with FEE, the Foundation For Economic Education. Are you between the ages of 14-26? Are ...

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