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[BONUS] The Many Paths To #MiloGate

(88 MINUTES) With Gardner Goldsmith, Recorded Tuesday, 2-21-17 Discussed: - Jeffrey Tucker vs. Richard Spencer - The medium is the message and the new message is noise - People are lazy and attention spans are short, and this is getting dangerous - How are post-modernists both philosophical relativists and political absolutists? - How the socialist and post-modernist rivers converged - The seduction of deconstruction - Adventures in improper definitions (i.e. Pedophile vs. statutory rapist - neither is okay, obviously) - the dark side: post-modernism's application to politics - Master/Slave morality - Romanticism: how emotion overpowered reason - social justice warring is sometimes converted self-hatred - the leftward drift of the schooled, apathetic mind - Mirror, mirror on the wall... Click ...

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