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226: How the Truth Becomes Illegal (Part 2) – Barometer

Topic: Part two in a series of shows inspired by recent current events involving the NSA, Prism, Edward Snowden and the barrage of leading questions from the mainstream media about the government's "legal" power to censor or silence the truth. This installment deals primarily with both phases of The Red Scare (1919-1921 and 1947-1957), related trends in American politics (xenophobia, prohibition, isolationism, hyper-racism, paranoia), new uses of law and appeals to authority to control speech and the public mind, and some heavy hints of another dark conspiracy that began to overtake America early in the 20th century. Bumper Music: "Good Save the Queen" British National Anthem "Good Save the Queen" The Sex Pistols Look Closer: Chapter 14: War is the ...

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