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[PODCAST] #409: The Mastermind Alliance

SSP Productivity Month! We conclude this monthly theme with a roundtable discussion on perhaps one of the most powerful tools of highly successful people for over a century: the mastermind group Participants include Nathan Fraser (Anarcho-Preneur Podcast), Darrell Becker (Voluntary Visions ), Drew Sample (The Sample Hour) and Brett Veinotte (School Sucks). Visit Nathan's Free Market Squad and Get a cheat sheet for today's discussion Covered: 1) Inspired by Napoleon Hill and his books. What did Napoleon Hill have to say about Mastermind Groups? Source: thesuccessalliance.com In his book, “Think and Grow Rich,” he talked about something called a “mastermind alliance.” He goes on to describe a mastermind group as, “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will ...

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