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[CHRISTMAS BONUS] #396: UFOs and Other Rabbit Holes

(After School Sucks Special 3-21-13) The follow-up to our learning theories discussion. We talk about the The Joe Rogen Experience, lost learning opportunities, connectivism, government secrecy and security clearance, intelligence, the grooming of Obama, UFOs, Majestic 12, and Project Disclosure. Bill the teacher calls from New Jersey, Free Talk Live Related PostsAfter School Sucks Special 8-2-1386Fielding questions from the chat...Tags: sucks, special, school, a/vPre-Show 9-13-1286Show prep and 9/11 talk.Tags: talk, a/vAfter School Sucks Special (MP3) 8-30-1286-The Political Debate Contract -Iron Sky and Nazi Talk!Tags: talk, sucks, special, mp, school, a/vHacky Sack 8-24-1385Tags: a/vPre-Show 5-17-1285We talk about cheese and e-cigsTags: talk, a/v

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