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Podcast #298: Home Education For History’s Sake, With Bill Buppert

The first of hopefully many conversations with Bill Buppert of zerogov.com. WARM-UP Bill's background and development German/Prussian contributions to the world Nazis: Cartoon Bad Guys Collectivism succession Bill's historical lens Obama's change? Government as an occupation force since 1791 HOME EDUCATION Bill's decision to Pursue home education Proactive environmental "controls" for home education working with five unique home-educated children Unschooling Skepticism The Charlotte Mason Method Teaching the Trivium Teaching the Quadrivium Adler's How to Read A Book Sayers UNAVOIDABLE TANGENTS Stoicism vs. Epicureanism Spheres of personal influence and control Facebook bondage The Progressives and the New Left The Anti-War Left? Look Closer: Bill Buppert's Site - http://zerogov.com/ What is the Charlotte Mason Method - https://simplycharlottemason.com/what-is-the-charlotte-mason-method/ Befehl ist Befehl: Why Cops ...

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198: Student Question – Isn’t Compulsory School Unconstitutional?

Some new details on the history of compulsory schooling Topic: We discuss an email question from a student. It reads: I'm a 15 year old guy in 9th grade (in public school) and wanted to ask you a question. So if all people in America are supposedly guaranteed the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, how is it not considered "unconstitutional" for kids to be forced to go to school? I do not want to go to school, so isn't that infringing on my liberty and pursuit of happiness? Discussion: -Court decisions on compulsory attendance in 12-step programs in the adult world -John Taylor Gatto's The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling -Home Education Laws and Regulations -Defenses of ...

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