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[PODCAST] #360c: The Dawn of Freedom – Part Three – “Love Did Its Thing”

Part three of the 4.5-hour Freedom Feens aftershow from the first morning of Porcfest XII. With Brett, Derrick J. Freeman, M.K. Lords, Davi Barker and live studio audience members who are eager to participate. [Approx. 6:45am to 8:00am] - What is love? - Attraction to a person's potential - Attraction to a person's parts (in an IFS way) - Co-dependence - Non-romantic love - All our parents got divorced - Embracing your ACEs - The continuing evolution of parenting - Dénouement Davi: DaviBarker.com Derrick: TheDerrickJ.com/ M.K.: Extremely in between… Feens: FreedomFeens.com

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