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Full Video – 171: Logic Saves Lives Part 6 – Reality Time For Bill Maher

1/3 2/3 3/3 Logic is about understanding reality in a non-contradictory way and how can we see things for what they are. Metaphysical Laws 1.Identity 2.Causality 3.Non-Contradiction Topic: Today's show is a personal exercise to help me let go of a long-standing resentment against comedian and political commentator Bill Maher. Cory, Osborne and I analyze several clips from his HBO show, Real Time With Bill Maher, primarily focusing on two fallacies: composition and division. Many tangents result! Composition: This fallacy is a result of reasoning from the properties of the parts of the whole to the properties of the whole itself--it is an inductive error. Division: This fallacy is the reverse of composition. It is the misapplication of deductive reasoning. ...

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