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Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up – With Wes Bertrand [PODCAST #685]

(Integral Theory Part 5) Wes Bertrand is back for our continued exploration of Integral Theory and how to take human consciousness to the next level. We have covered integral theory principles applied to individuals, to organizations, and society and "governance." Opening Sequence: "Let the Healing Begin" Discussion: We'll move from the political back to the personal and social,reading and expanding on Dustin DiPerna's article Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up Music: "Orinoco Flow" (cover) Vienna Symphony Orchestra "Somewhere In America" Jay-Z "Run For the Roses" (cover) The Grass Is Dead "Don't Stop" Maiya Sykes Integral theory is largely focused on consciousness studies, psychology, research supported spirituality, and social sciences. Ken Wilber and other integral theorists draw from over ...

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Video: Living Consciously (The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Series Highlights #2)

A highlight from School Sucks Podcast #260: The Practice of Living Consciously (The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Part 1) The first pillar of self-esteem is living consciously. Full Show Here Notes: This a podcast series based on Nathaniel Branden's book, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. Episode #260 includes an introductory discussion and also covers the Practice of Living Consciously. Complete Liberty: http://completeliberty.com/ NathanielBranden: http://www.nathanielbranden.com/

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