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[PODCAST] #460: Time To Grow Up, Abandon “Anti-Attitudes” and Embrace the Infinite Game

My guests today are Skinner Layne and Moritz Bierling. Skinner is the founder of Exosphere Academy and Moritz is the Director of Research. These two help to exemplify what I hope more and more of what SSP will be about in the coming years - discussions about how to actually build institutions and movements in education that become un-ignorable, desirable and perhaps even increasingly irresistible alternatives to the failing systems. Exosphere Academy - "a learning and problem solving community features 2-day traveling workshops and an 8-week residential program to learn new skills, build exciting projects with other dynamic people, and jumpstart your new life & career." DISCUSSION: -lifestyles and attitudes that support the development of those institutions and movements -the ...

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