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Podcast #299 (Supplemental): Remember To Be Kind To Yourself…Seriously

Brett, Wes Bertrand and Carlos Morales all in the studio together for the first time ever. For a recent episode of Truth Over Comfort Podcast, Carlos invited us to discuss hedonism and libertinism, but the conversation become so much more. Edited by Brett Some Highlights Hedonism Balancing Pleasure and Responsibility Libertarianism and rebellion Stoicism and Epicureanism Rand's unrealistic heroes Meditation Getting Things Done self-destructive behaviors as the result of self-shaming Expressing concern empathetically Making the 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem explicit Hearing the word "should" when it isn't there Keeping people at arms length Spheres of personal influence and control Bumper Music: Andy Grammer - Back Home Look Closer: Wes Bertrands Site: Complete Liberty - http://completeliberty.com/ Bill Buppert's Site - http://zerogov.com/

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