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Cassidy Younghans – Epic Life Learning [PODCAST #699]

Cassidy Younghans is a former public school teacher and one of the founders of the EPIC Life Learning Community in Carrollton, Texas. I first heard Cassidy on Off-Trail Learning with Blake Boles; I was impressed with her enthusiastic advocacy for self-directed education and later with her mission at at EPIC. She joins me to discuss her "I could no longer..." story of leaving public schooling, her path through various forms of alternative education (including Sudbury and Northstar), and the vision and mission of EPIC. And much more. She'll be back soon to talk about Agile Learning Tools. MUSIC: "Shake It Out" Karl Denson "Everybody Is A Star" Fishbone "Shine" The Alchemist   We are now on Locals.com! When you join ...

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