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[PODCAST] #435: Memory Conditioning – Mindful Intake

#MemoryCondition A discussion of learning styles, learning dimensions and encoding strategies. Is the key to a better memory the ability to think visually? Thousands of years of memory training practices, from the Ancient Greeks to 21st century memory competitors, seem to suggest so. In this episode I aim to extract the principles of time-tested methods like loci and the memory palace, to create some more flexible, tech-friendly and efficient strategies. Look Closer: Joshua Foer: Feats of memory anyone can do School Sucks Podcast #233: Tools - The Brain Software (With Richard Grove and Paul Verge) School Sucks Podcast #206: Learning Styles and Strategies - Control and Flexibility Develop Perfect Memory With the Memory Palace Technique The Learning Dimensions: A list ...

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206: Learning Styles and Strategies – Control and Flexibility

Topic: Building on the previous conversation about learning theories, I cover the basics of learning styles and strategies, motivation, cognition, habits and environment. Also: -Self-Regulated Learning -The Index of Learning Styles Bumper Music: "Freedom" Wham Look Closer: Learning Styles: Appealing But Misleading - http://www.globalcognition.org/head-smart/learning-styles-appealing-misleading/ Paul Pintrich: Framework for self-regulated learning - http://www.globalcognition.org/head-smart/learning-about-learning-take-charge/ Overview of Learning Styles - http://www.learning-styles-online.com/overview/ Felder and Silverman's Index of Learning Styles - http://www.mindtools.com/mnemlsty.html The Nature of Educational Systems and Their Psychological Effects on the Learner, by Wes Bertrand, 2000 - http://logicallearning.net/learnerdrivened.html Self-regulated Learning - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-regulated_learning Harold Pashler's Work - http://laplab.ucsd.edu/publications Investazor One Hundred Ways to Motivate Yourself - http://books.google.com/books/about/One_Hundred_Ways_to_Motivate_Yourself.html?id=RFBsSKn_rNUC

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