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Podcast #308: Logic Saves Lives Part 12 – Reason Obscured and Recovered

Logic is about understanding reality in a non-contradictory way and how can we see things for what they are. It's been over a year since the last installment of Logic Saves Lives, but we are now rebooting the series for the purposes of review and expansion. Tony Myers will be the permanent co-host for these episodes. See Tony's past School Sucks contributions here, and please have a look at Tony's comprehensive notes on the science of logic here. Metaphysical Laws 1.Identity 2.Causality 3.Non-Contradiction Monlogue Remembering Invisible Children...oh wait, they're still around? Discussion With Tony Myers: -Kony 2012 and the Nazis warm-up: the importance of context -the deliberate de-contextualizing of history since WWII -Logic helps us find the essence of a ...

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129: Logical Fallacies Series Preview #2 – A Brief Analysis of KONY 2012

Today's installment is another preview of the upcoming series on logical fallacies. Topic: The KONY 2012 rabbit hole is deep and dark. In today's show, we'll poke our heads in and take a quick look around. KONY 2012 is viral You Tube film produced by the controversial Invisible Children organization. It explicitly calls for a US military intervention in Uganda to arrest warlord Joseph Kony, claiming this "grassroots" campaign and subsequent government action will serve as a model to end injustice and crimes against humanity in the world. Bumper Music: "Suburban High School" Nice Peter Look Closer: Logical Fallacies Basics http://onegoodmove.org/fallacy/toc.htm Joseph Kony 2012: growing outrage in Uganda over film https://www.sott.net/articles/show/242761-Joseph-Kony-2012-growing-outrage-in-Uganda-over-film Invisible Children, Inc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Children,_Inc. Dad-son talk, celebrity tweets key ...

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