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[PODCAST] #405: Time Freedom – A Conversation With A World-Traveling Entrepreneur

SSP Productivity Month! Kevin Koskella from FreedomLovin.com joins me to discuss short cuts and "smart cuts" for better time management, and ultimately more time freedom. In this conversation Kevin shares his experiences with and lessons from being a world-traveling author and entrepreneur. Covered: - Maintaining routines and getting work done while traveling - Outsourcing the urgent but not important work - Apprehension about outsourcing - Making more of mundane activities - Time Quantification - Kevin's time saving tools - Lifestyle balance This month SSP has partnered with FEE, the Foundation For Economic Education. Are you between the ages of 14-26? Are you interested in Entrepreneurship? Learn More about FEE's seminars here. New Subscriber Geography Trivia Today's Show is also brought ...

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Podcast #240 (Supplemental): Brett On Freedom Lovin’ Podcast With Kevin Koskella

My recent conversation with Kevin Koskella, who also hosted one of my all-time favorite shows: Healthy Mind, Fit Body. The first 25 minutes: a personal story and some developments with my former place of employment Discussed with Kevin: 26:52 – Freedom Lovin’ iTunes review 30:23 – School Sucks beginnings 34:24 – Brett’s school experience 35:49 – Wes Bertrand and Logical Learning 37:42 – The problem with school 41:18 – Let’s get rid of school? 43:56 – Intellectual self-defense 48:55 – How do we break out of not thinking for ourselves? 54:52 – Intrinsic motivation 55:47 – The three lessons of school: obedience, conformity, intellectual apathy 57:50 – College loan system 62:18 – Future of government school 69:20 – Making a ...

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