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146a: School Sucks Radio #4 – The Challenges of A Thoughtful Tutor

Co-Hosts: Osborne, Mandrik The first hour of the show is predominantly a discussion initiated by a caller named John. He is a tutor seeking some advice on how to introduce some constructive criticism of the government school system to a struggling student and his father. Mandrik also discusses how "alternatives" to the mainstream schooling path have a certain stigma attached to them. This is hour one of the 5-31-12 show. School Sucks is live on the Liberty Radio Network and UStream Thursdays at 10pm EST. Look CLoser: Army Recruiter threatens student with Jail

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050 School News! (#4a): Warning Signs of Violence To Come

Part one of two somewhat related installments. With all this concern about the violent behavior of teenagers, and subsequent crackdowns, would you be surprised to learn school administrators are actually encouraging even more widespread aggression. How about mandating it? JROTC obligation is stirring discomfort From mysanantonio.com By Lindsay Kastner - Express-News

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