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[PODCAST] #480: Thaddeus Russell vs. Academic Conformism – Part Two – Does the Plot Thicken Or Is There Actually No Plot?

Historian and Professor Thaddeus Russell returns for a three-part discussion about problems in academia and the challenges facing this generation of college students. What's new? Thaddeus has launched the first phase of his Renegade University. 1. Thad's Thoughts On the Work of Jonathan Haidt and generation-based explanations: - Trigger warnings, moral dependency and the helicopter generation grown up - Is over-parenting a class phenomenon? - Media proliferation and the effect on parenting - Are today's hysterias worse that the hysterias of the past? - Information Overload - Helicopter parents are children of divorce? - Divorce and fear of abandonment - One reason why leftists hate families - Safety animals for college students - Thad's Good Dad/Bad Step-Dad Theory 2. New ...

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[PODCAST] #476: A Confluence of Complex Problems Called College

Drew Sample: So what's the problem at the universities? Me: Well, I'm realizing it's more complicated than I had thought. Monologue: - A new perspective on classroom trigger warnings - Getting beyond the low hanging fruits of SJWs - My postmodernist thinking traps - How methods of deconstruction can turn into attitudes of destruction - my enemy's enemies are not necessarily my friends Discussion: Recorded 2/17/17 - Drew Sample and I discuss many of the factors that brought about the "snowflake generation" and the current crisis in higher education Full Show: TSH - 142 - College vs Self-Employment, Postmodernism, Persuasion Please Support School Sucks Our Amazon Wish List Donate With Bitcoin Or Join the A/V Club Support Us On Patreon ...

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