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Pat Farenga – The Evolution of Unschooling [PODCAST #586]

history of unschooling

Pat Farenga is a leading unschooling advocate, and the father of three adult unschooled children. He worked closely with unschooling pioneer John Holt on the Growing Without Schooling Magazine, and in the mid-1980s he took over as publisher of GWS and the president of Holt Associates. Today Pat runs the website JohnHoltGWS.com, which archives all the issues of the magazine, plus a variety of unschooling books and resources. He joins me to discuss the history of unschooling (the idea and the movement), his experiences as an unschooling parent, his relationship with John Holt and the language we use to convey our ideas. Pat Discusses The Impact of John Taylor Gatto He met John in 1991 and they became friends. John ...

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082: John Holt – Instead of Education (Freedom Book Club Discussion Part 2 of 2)

(Part 2 of 2) On February 26th 2011, I took part in a discussion about John Holt's book, Instead of Education. Other participants included Stefan Molyneux, Jake Desyllas, Luke David, Michael Demarco, Thomas Bell, Debbie Harbeson, Ivan Ivanov and Cheryl Hulseapple. Special thanks to Greg for setting up the conference on Skype. Bumper Music: "Crime of the Century" Supertramp "Take the Long Way Home" Supertramp Look Closer: Freedom Book Club on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Freedom-Book-Club/189728764133?sk=wall Instead of education: ways to help people do things better By John Holt http://books.google.com/books Freedomain Radio http://www.freedomainradio.com/ Related Posts081: John Holt - Instead of Education (Freedom Book Club Discussion Part 1 of 2)85(Part 1 of 2) On February 26th 2011, I took part in a discussion about ...

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016: Working Against Apathy

Critical Thinking Question: Simply put, what have my work experiences revealed about public education? Topic: I record a podcast while driving a car. During the drive, I ponder a couple of important professional questions, veer off course (podcast-wise), channel Stewie Griffin, and discuss what I think the real job of an "educator" should be. My Embedded Curriculum: (Within Mainstream Tutoring Services) -Logical Reasoning -Critical and Creative Problem Solving -Revival of Childhood Curiosity -Building Positive Relationships with Adults Who Are Potential Mentors -A Healthy and Persistent Skepticism of Authority and Tradition (social, cultural & mystical) -Intellectual Confidence -Ethical Consistency Bumper Music: "Head Over Heels" Tears For Fears Click Here To Watch A Rad 80s Video! Look Closer: John Holt's Website http://www.holtgws.com/ ...

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