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Discontented Optimism: How A Teacher Freed Himself From School – With Joel Bein [PODCAST #686]

AND...found a fulfilling new career. Joel Bein is back for a follow-up conversation about his exit from school teaching, and his transition to working with our friends at Crash.co. Joel last appeared on episode 669, where we introduced his story. Today we'll talk about his journey in more detail. An important feature of our discussion is what Joel refers to as Discontented Optimism - as a teacher, allowing himself to hate school, to NOT tolerate it, AND empowering himself to change the situation. Towards the end of the show, we'll also talk about a new mini-course Joel put together for Crash: Job Hunting 101 You can see more of Joel's work at JoelBein.com. Please also check out his podcast Exponentially ...

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Reflections On Eleven Years of School Sucks, With Joel Bein [PODCAST #669]

A joint production with Exponentially Empowered, Full Show Joel's Notes: Brett Veinotte joins me, Host of School Sucks Project, the podcast to which I've listened curiously and consistently since 2009, -Joel's story listening to SSP since 2009 -SSP evolution: school problems (cynical) to self-reflection (productive) -Circle of Control vs. Circle of Concern -Marketing the message of empowerment -A Better World Starts with a Clean Bedroom -Start with health freedom -Personal growth snowballs -Relationship freedom, staying visible -Deschooling, processing the past -Internal Family Systems Therapy, Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE’s), 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem Mentioned: - Complete Liberty Podcast - https://www.selfauthoring.com/ - If You Can Hear What I Cannot Say, by Nathaniel Brandon - The Psychology of Romantic Love, by Nathaniel Brandon ...

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