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Podcast #245: The Trivium (Part Three) – Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric

This is part three of a series about the Trivium Method for self-teaching. Gene Odening will accompany us through the next three episodes. Covered today: Grammar Review (4:50-16:20) -parts of speech -the Golf analogy of wisdom Logic Review(16:20-29:35) -the term dialectic -induction and deduction -the syllogism Rhetoric Introduction (29:35-38:30) -compassionate communication -self esteem -the best way to learn is to teach? The three types of discourse: (38:30-46:47) -deliberative (political), -judicial (forensic), -ceremonial (epideictic). -related to time: future, past, and present -common and special topics The Five Canons of Composition - Cicero (46:47-49:46) -invention (creating ways to be persuasive) -arrangement (structuring argument effectively) -style (appealing to emotion) -memory (speak extemporaneously) -delivery (presentation) The Socratic Circle/Method and the Delphi Technique (49:46-54:52) -abuse ...

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