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[PODCAST] #343a: Dr. Jody Underwood – Defining the Current Public School Problem (2015 Liberty Forum)

Part One in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions (Photo Credit: Virgil Vaduva) Jody's Presentation: Public education is based on some flawed ideas: (1) Geographic location determines your opportunity to become educated. (2) Age determines what other students you are grouped with. (3) Taxes can be used only for government-run schools. (4) All children must get a “free” education. (5) Taxes are needed to pay for public schooling. I will argue that free and appropriate education needs to be changed to appropriate access to education – not daycare or medical support. I will present these and related ideas using general principles and my experiences as chair of the Croydon school board. I will propose some ideas for change, and ...

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