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Intentional Communities – With Joe Moutard and Shane Radliff [PODCAST #725]

Today we'll discuss the possibility of departure from the First  Realm of society (we'll explain) in pursuit of a peaceful and voluntary  Second Realm. The latter is composed of temporary autonomous zones (TAZ)  and permanent autonomous zones (PAZ). Joe is one of the organizers of The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest. [An example of a  TAZ] Shane is the host of the Vonu Podcast and the creator of The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA. [A n example of a PAZ] The conversation is largely based on a piece that Shane wrote, called TVP Intermission #50: [P.A.Z.NIA] Liberated Areas Among The Tyrannical Wasteland. OUR NEXT VIRTUAL SUMMIT IS NOW ON SEPTEMBER 11+12! Visit MindsetandMastery.com to learn more about this exciting new presentation, ...

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