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Brett On Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock 3-19-14

DeclAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAre...your independence!!! Brett Veinotte (School Sucks Project) comes in studio to talk about redefining education by promoting home-education, critical thinking, peaceful parenting, personal growth and nonviolent communication strategies Declare Your Independence Archives Ernie's Site: Freedom's Phoenix Hour 2 Hour 3 Note: The MP3 is the full show, including the first hour with Matt Mills (the Superbowl 9/11 Truth guy)

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Podcast #242: The Trivium (Part One) – Introduction and Grammar

This is part one of a series about the Trivium Method for self-teaching. Gene Odening will accompany us through the next three episodes. Covered today: -The Classical Trivium vs the Trivium Method -What is General Grammar? -The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers -Examples of how General Grammar is applied to the study of a subject -What happened to the seven liberal arts? -the servile arts vs. the liberal arts -General Grammar vs. Special Grammar Look Closer: Trivium and Quadrivium Cliff Notes by Gene Odening by 8thestate Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving by 8thestate Jan Irvin's Site, Trivium Education - http://www.triviumeducation.com/ T&H Trivium Resources - https://www.tragedyandhope.com/trivium/ The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers - ...

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149f (Porcfest Micro-Series): Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock – Daniel D’Amico, Stephanie Murphy, Brett Veinotte

On Friday, June 20th, 2012, I sat in as a guest on Ernest Hancock's Declare Your Independence radio show. I had the pleasure of being on the show with Stephanie Murphy (Porc Therapy, Fr33 Aid) and economist Daniel D'Amico. Discussed: -The Mission of School Sucks Project -Intellectual Self-Defense -The Ultimate History Lesson -Market Alternatives to State-Run "Services" A great resource: Freedom's Phoenix http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Front-Page.htm

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