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[BONUS] The Seven Inner Critics…Exposed!!

(1 hour, 46 minutes) Brett, Andrew, Puke and Dale discuss therapy, anxiety, breaking cycles, happiness, regret, self-doubt and self-leadership. Nick is also in the room. The conversation is largely based on Jay Earley's concept of The Seven Inner Critics. There are some discomforting tangents into things like shame fantasies and supermarket inconveniences. This is a School Sucks/Puke & the Gang bonus show collaboration. NOTES: The first 3 minutes will be unbearable for some listeners. Discussion starts at 3:30. The seven critics portion starts at 46:30. LINKS: https://www.selfleadership.org/about-internal-family-systems.html http://personal-growth-programs.com/inner-critic-section/inner-critic-types/ THE LIST: Perfectionist * This critic tries to get you to do things perfectly. * It sets high standards for the things your produce, and has difficulty saying something is complete and ...

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[PODCAST] #380: Visible Children (with Laurette Lynn)

Laurette Lynn returns for a discussion about how parents and educators can improve communication and connection with young people. From LauretteLynn.com: With an emphasis on communicating with youth, and infused with critical reasoning, we talk about perfecting parenting. We make a distinction between education and schooling and the ways in which destructive communication can negatively impact personal growth. And we discuss why we project our esteem issues onto our children. This truly is an intelligent, lively and great conversation. It is long, so take it with you and listen in segments, but I promise you, it’s worth every second! How do teens respond to condescension? How do young children respond to praise? Should we even call young humans, “Children”? What ...

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