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[UN-IVERSITY] Opening the Kept Gates

Richard Grove and I use the work of investigative journalist Matt Taibbi as a jumping off point to discuss how gatekeepers can be useful to help "on ramp" people stuck on the low roads of mainstream confirmation-bias media to ride on a better super highway of information, if you will. Furthermore, are we building (or can we build) a map that helps to open some of their gates. This exploration was inspired by our recent integral theory series. Where else can we discover ways to integrate disparate or even conflicting sources of information into a clearer picture of reality? (Recorded October 7th) Part of the Un-iversity Weekly Discussion Group Series A new weekly conversation about applying the lessons and practices ...

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067: A History Teacher Walks Away From Government School (1 of 2)

...quickly PART 1: Preparation For Citizenship Topic: Today I discuss collective and authoritarian schooling with a veteran teacher who walked away from the public school setting just four weeks into his new job. Rich Nastro explains why he did this, and what he saw while he was there. We'll Discuss... -Literacy and Information Literacy -Public Education and the Welfare State, Failure Reframed As Success -Portrayal of the Public Education System In Film -Introducing Philosophy to the History Cirriculum -Squeeky Wheels Get the Grease -Working with Students From Broken Homes -Day-to-Day living/short-term thinking of abused kids -Preparation for the Economic Realities of the 21st Century -Grades and Diplomas as "Job Tickets," but where are the jobs? Bumper Music: "Pets" Porno For ...

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