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[PODCAST] #376: The Shift – A Casual Conversation With Julia Tourianski (1 of 2)

Juila Tourianski, creator of Brave the World, joins School Sucks for the first time. Julia's online hub is a YouTube channel with very impressive production values and some extremely confronting content. Born in the USSR and raised in Canada, Julia offers several new and unique approaches to discussing the philosophy of liberty. Her video, "The Shift: The State of Our Minds and the Mind of the State" provides a springboard for our pleasantly meandering conversation. Please watch the video before the show if you can: Topics and Tangents: -video production -explanation "Brave the World" -Orwell and Huxley -Born in the USSR -rebelling in polite Canadian society -What is the shift that is happening? -Safety and Fairness - Society's Top Values? ...

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