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Crisis Homeschooling Outreach, With Erin Huffstutter [PODCAST #679]

I am excited to welcome Erin Huffstutter, a homeschooling mom and School Sucks listener who has just released an extrordinary outreach resource called Crisis Homeschool Handbook: Practical Home Education Through 2020 and Beyond. This un-intimidating book can be read in a day, but Erin has managed to pack in much of the important research, educational philosophy, and practical resources we have discussed on this show for the last decade. Today we'll discuss: - The Legend of Zelda - Why we both initially rejected John Taylor Gatto - Digging into each child’s learning preferences and personality type - Knowing as a parent what homeschooling style best suits your personality and strengths - avoiding homeschool burnout - the great screen-time debate From ...

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