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Everyone’s Children? With Corey DeAngelis, Part 2 of 2 [PODCAST #654]

It's rather odd that the academics and policy makers so concerned with child welfare have decided to devote so much of their time, attention, and energy to the salvation of 3% of the school-aged population (the homeschooled), while all their concerns about danger and indoctrination could be more appropriately directed to the system currently capturing 95% of children. Let's discuss! Today we'll analyze Harvard Professor Elizabeth Bartholet's Arizona Law Review article, "Homeschooling: Parent Rights Absolutism vs. Child Rights to Education & Protection." Corey DeAngelis is here again to defend home education against the most facile and predictable of criticisms, coming from a still formidable opinion-shaping academic institution. It's Harvard Weak (week)! Harvard magazine publishes an incredibly weak assault on homeschooling. ...

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