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Jason Seib – Optimizing Your Mind/Body Alliance [PODCAST #607]

Jason Seib is a fat loss coach, fitness and nutrition author, and speaker. He is also the creator of the Alt-Shift Diet, which doesn't have to be seen as a "diet diet" - temporary and filled with frustrating sacrifices. His philosophy aligns with previous health and fitness coaches we've had on the show, and with what has proven most successful for me. Even though Jason's work focuses primarily on 30+ moms frustrated with yo-yo diets, I've bought into his approach in a big way over the last 2 years, with great results. Recently I was looking for ways to optimize my diet and fitness pursuits, which actually means addressing some mistakes and shortcuts I have been making. I thought, who ...

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[VIDEO] The Bulletproof Diet, Self-Awareness and Sleep (With Kevin Geary)

Our third collaboration with Kevin Geary, integrative health coach, entrepreneur and founder of Sixfiguregrind.com. Our discussion focuses on my health and fitness progress after following Kevin's advice for eight weeks. We are also joined by Jason Osborne of Podcastmasters' Liberty Master Class fame. He shares his challenges with Kevin and that leads in to a discussion of a recent RebootedBody.com article called The 6 Pillars of Achieving a Phenomenally Healthy Body and Mind. Look Closer: Kevin's Site: sixfiguregrind.com Full Show - https://schoolsucksproject.com/podcast-352-the-6-pillars-of-achieving-a-healthy-body-and-mind-with-kevin-geary-and-osborne/

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Podcast #301: Getting Unstuck From Procrastination and Domestication (with Kevin Geary)

My first collaboration with Kevin Geary, integrative health coach and founder of RebootedBody.com. WARM-UP: -Intro, the mission of Rebooted Body -Kevin's weight and health issues -the "high fact, low execution diet" -Rebooting Children -fear, shame, guilt and making excuses -conquering negative self talk -the impotence of willpower GETTING UNSTUCK: Kevin's Article: Unstuck: A no-nonsense guide to getting uncomfortable and winning big Step 1: Put on your hazmat suit and discard your toxic beliefs. Step 2: What you think and how you behave aren’t married happily ever Step 3: Reject magic pills. Do the fucking work. Step 4: Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week. Step 5: Be willing to invest in yourself. TANGENTS -Fitness and weight-loss gimmicks -micro-behavior techniques ...

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