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[PODCAST] #450: Academic Freedom vs. Academic…Justice?

Okay, define "justice." While doing some research for an upcoming show, I came across an op-ed in The Harvard Crimson - written by a gender studies major - called "The Doctrine of Academic Freedom: Let’s give up on academic freedom in favor of justice." Then all hell breaks loose. Music: Bob Whiting - "Shambala" (cover) Mentioned: FunkyEds Blog - Some valid criticisms of SSP: http://funkyeds.blogspot.hk Look Closer: Philosophy: Who Needs It Freedom vs. Justice: Are They in Conflict? Problematic: The Battle for Free Speech (Harvard Political Review) Richard Herrnstein: I.Q. - by Richard Herrnstein Richard Herrnstein Subramanian Swamy: Pushed out of Harvard, professor returns fire The Outlier - The inscrutable politics of Subramanian Swamy John Rawls, A Theory of Justice: ...

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[PODCAST] #315a: American Compulsory Schooling – History, Development and Hidden Agendas

SCHOOL HISTORY - (Part 1 of 2) This is my recent conversation with Joshua Sheats of the popular financial planning site RadicalPersonalFinance.com. Josh is currently working through a podcast series on education, and he invited me to discuss public school history, agendas, and escapes and alternatives. Our discussion includes: -the concept of Education as a public good on a national scale -the impact of the 14th Amendment -does school work? for whom? -the Calvinists vs. the Unitarians at Harvard -Prussian history, 'an army with country' -Horace Mann and the spread of the Prussian system -The Progressive reforms and John Dewey -tax-free foundations and industrialists -connections to modern schooling discourse Come see me at Keenevention, November 1st I'll be on media ...

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