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217: A Smorgasbord of Topics With Dan Carlin

A long-awaited and frequently-requested discussion with Dan Carlin, the host of the Common Sense and Hardcore History podcasts. Dan was one of the first podcasters I ever listened to on a regular basis. Some of what we discussed: -What happened to the media? -Narrow-casting -Dan's transition from radio to podcasting, how did that happen? -The process for producing Hardcore History -Is history shaped more by philosophy/prevailing ideologies or by accidents/wildcard events? -The dreaded Nazi questions: could happen here? Is it happening here? -An American way to fascism? -Civil Libertarianism vs total libertarianism (personal and economic) -Can we expect to maintain civil liberties with stricter economic controls? -What kinds of people are attracted to political power? -The problems with and politics ...

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216: Assassinations, Bad Weather, Psychedelic Rye and Other Wildcards of History

Recorded live 5-9-13. The one-year anniversary of the School Sucks Live Show Topic: This live show was recorded immediately after my 90-minute discussion with Dan Carlin (coming soon), and the gears of my brain were really turning in different ways. I wanted to discuss methods and theories for examining and interpreting history. Often history is a story told through the "Great" Man Theory, opposed to the Trends and Forces Theory. Reflecting on a series of shows I did about the Nazis, I realize that there is considerable synthesis between the two. This conversation is derailed by silliness a couple of times and also contains non-live portions. Were the Salem Witch Trials the result of a community-wide psychedelic accident? Bumper Music: ...

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