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[PODCAST] #350: The Ultimate Guide To Journaling (with Hannah Braime)

Hannah Braime is the founder of BecomingWhoYouAre.net, a self-relationship coach, and an author. She joins me to discuss her book, The Ultimate Guide To Journaling. Topics Included: -What is journaling? -benefits -getting to know the voices in our heads -improving relationships -living more consciously -how to journal -failing to keep on track -frequency guidelines -finding the right mindset -dealing with resistance -written journal ideas (dominant and non-dominant hands, dealing with upset and worry, gratitude journal, nurture lists) -self-care activities vs. nurturing activities -sentence completion exercises (The Art of Self Discovery) -what do we do with our journals? -retrospecting, looking for patterns -the inner child and dissociation -language, what does it reveal? Look Closer: BecomingWhoYouAre.net - http://becomingwhoyouare.net The Ultimate Guide To ...

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