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Is Guilt Useful? Is Narcissism Natural? – With Thaddeus Russell [PODCAST #562]

This is a follow-up to Podcast #558: God, Grant Me the Serenity. Thad's presentation in that episode produced a lot of upset among listeners, and there were several aspects of the conversation that left me feeling unsatisfied. I invited Thad back to address this lack of satisfaction, along with some listener feedback to our first conversation. Topics: - Why Thad and I weren't connecting in the first discussion - Shame and guilt are information - All behavior is narcissistic? - Empathy - Ayn Rand on altruism - Differing ideas about integrity - Nathaniel Branden and the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Listener Input: Scott M. - I thought it was a fascinating conversation. I think the premise of Thad’s that I ...

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