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015: (Hidden Lesson Three) The Installation of Indifference

The third episode in a series aimed at detailing and dismantling specific elements of the destructive hidden curriculum in public education. Critical Thinking Question: What happened to... "why?" Topic: The third embedded lesson of public education: Apathy and Indifference If the training in obedience and conformity doesn't properly sink in, or doesn't last throughout a person's life, this lesson provides a nice safety net for the status quo. “There is no neutral education. Education is either for domestication or for freedom.” -Joao Coutinho Bumper Music: "Got A Right To Be Wrong" Joss Stone http://www.jossstone.com/ Look Closer: CNN: How Stupid Are Americans? Freedomain: The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You! George Carlin - Education http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFwTIPRLwCM "The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How ...

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