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[PODCAST] #464: SPEED AND POLITICS (Interlude – “A Discussion Is Beginning” – The Opportunity At University of Toronto)

University of Toronto Rally For Free Speech

Today's podcast is an expansion of the previous episode. It features an interview with Geoffrey "Biffo" Liew. He is a University of Toronto student, the organizer of the now infamous University of Toronto Rally For Free Speech, and a longtime listener to the School Sucks Podcast. Some footage from The University of Toronto Rally For Free Speech: The "pronouns" debate: My Questions For Geoffrey "Biffo" Liew: - Who you are and what you're studying at U of T? - what has the campus climate been like for the last 2 months, how pervasive through U of T is this conflict we're all watching online? - How have you tried to connect with Social Justice activists? What has the dialog or ...

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