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029: The War On Fire

(American History F-ed #6) The sixth installment in a series of shows about government school's history curriculum. We'll explore the lies, myths, omissions and distortions used to indoctrinate blind patriotism (aka nationalism aka mysticism). Critical Thinking Question: What would you think if you saw an arsonist running back to the scene of their crime moments later...with a fire hose? Topic: Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live joins me to address the myth that government solves problems. We explore the phenomenon of unintended consequences, using the so-called 'war on drugs' as a case study. The Formula: ...the use of force leads to perverse unintended consequence leads to new problem leads to demand for government action leads to the use of force ...

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017: The State’s Facade of Honor and Benevolence

Critical Thinking Question: What's it hiding? What jumps out from behind that facade to confront people who are not obedient and apathetic? (It's not pretty) Topic: Kat Kanning (newhampshirefreepress.com) joins me to discuss the opposites of indifference and apathy: activism and civil disobedience. Bumper Music: "How Come" Ray Lamontagne http://www.raylamontagne.com/ Look Closer: The NH Free Press http://newhampshirefreepress.com/ The Free State Project: Liberty In Our Lifetime http://freestateproject.org/ Free Talk Live: 100% Pro-Liberty Talk Radio freetalklive.com/ Free Talk Live: The Boards bbs.freetalklive.com/ Free Keene - New Hampshire's Liberty Activist Destination freekeene.com/ OTN-Obscured Truth Network youtube.com/user/obscuredtruth Ridley Report: Don't get mad. Get video. ridleyreport.com/ Liberty Radio Network libertyradionetwork.com/ Free Minds Radio and TV www.freemindsmedia.org/ Liberty Scholarship Fund: New Hampshire's catalyst for independent learning! ...

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