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Picture of the Month Club – Mad Max Fury Road [PODCAST #623, FREE BONUS]

September is Back to School Sucks Month and we begin with this one-time-only free-for-all installment of our bonus series Picture of the Month Club. Because everyone needs to hear it. This show also carries a very special announcement: Registration is now open for the first ever UN-IVERSITY virtual event, The Ideas Into Action Summit. It goes live on October 11th, and there are special registration instructions for SSP listeners in the monologue. You can learn more about the presenters, topics and other details HERE. Today's Show: PICTURE OF THE MONTH CLUB is a monthly series featuring Dutch - a delightful, insightful and successful film maker who wants to teach you the grammar and logic of cinema. Many will remember Dutch ...

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[PODCAST] #514: Social Justice. Socially Engineered. (With Jay Dyer)

(Above the Snowflakes Part 4) Our investigation continues... This series aimed to examine the philosophical roots of the current intensifying social justice movement, and how messages from academia have spilled out into popular culture and consciousness. Today, Jay Dyer joins me to argue that the phenomenon actually has darker origins. Jay is the author of Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film and host of Jay's Analysis Podcast. We'll spend the first half hour talking about film analysis and his TV show, Hollywood Decoded. Then we'll discuss whether or not there is actually a kind of covert war against the minds of Millennials that began a long time ago, and with designs far more grand in scale. We focus ...

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