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232: How the Truth Becomes Illegal (Addendum/Optional) – Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

An addendum to a series of shows inspired by recent current events involving the NSA, Prism, Edward Snowden and the barrage of leading questions from the mainstream media about the government's "legal" power to censor or silence the truth. And why do so many in the media want to bury the truth? Moving away from ideologies, aspirations, and academics, this episode deals with the specific operational maneuvers of those who shaped 20th century history from behind the scenes. This episode is a complete reading of Murray Rothbard's essay/book Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy

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114: Discovering Doublespeak! (Part Four) – Greenspan’s Gobbledygook

With a focus on the bizarre dialect of former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, I discuss the fourth form of doublespeak: Gobbledygook and Bureaucratese. Defining attributes of doublespeak: -misleads -distorts reality -pretends to communicate -avoids or shifts responsibility -makes the negative appear positive -creates a false verbal map of the world -limits, conceals, corrupts, and prevents thought -makes the unpleasant appear attractive or tolerable -creates incongruity between reality and what is said or not said (William Lutz, Doublespeak) Look Closer: The Doublespeak Dictionary by Leslie Starr O’Hara http://www.thedoublespeakdictionary.com/ Doublespeak: From Revenue Enhancement to Terminal Living : How Government, Business, Advertisers, and Others Use Language to Deceive You, by William Lutz http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2151216.Doublespeak Greenspan describes Greenspeak, Fedspeak Print More Money! according to Alan ...

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