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[PODCAST] #484: Apathetic Minds Meet Political Science – Vanderbilt University

(CAMPUS CORRESPONDENTS #2) Sam Wolf is a freshman studying Political Science at Vanderbilt University. Soon he will serve as the president of the Vanderbilt College Republicans. Today we'll talk about what he's being taught, but also what he's actually been learning... In this correspondence we discuss: - Capitalism and Neo-Liberalism: capitalism is slavery and genocide? - The dangers of apathetic students - The culture of Vanderbilt outside the classroom - Professor Carol Swain controversy - Classes canceled for Trump trauma: what's the message there? - Outrage theater - Social capital: a minority of students sets the tone for campus life - The silent majority of Vanderbilt - The philosophy behind social justice warring - the gun in the room Related ...

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[PODCAST] # 455: The Real Challenges of College Diversity – With Professor John Hasnas

John Hasnas is a professor of business at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business and a professor of law (by courtesy) at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, where he teaches courses in ethics and law. Professor Hasnas is also the executive director of the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics. He joins me to contrast the lessons of two of his recent articles on two different types of diversity in higher education. 1. The Surprising Obstacle Mizzou and Yale Face in Increasing Diversity - Fortune, November 2015 - http://fortune.com/2015/11/21/the-surprising-obstacle-mizzou-and-yale-face-in-increasing-diversity/ 2. The One Kind of Diversity Colleges Avoid - The wall Street Journal, March 2016 - http://faculty.msb.edu/hasnasj/GTWebSite/Diversity.htm Opening Monologue: Happy Halloween! We're approaching the one-year anniversary of ...

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