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119: Get Out of My Way; I’m Trying to Learn (2 of 2)

Topic: As a follow-up to the last show, specifically my story about my student's Lego movie, I wanted to look a little closer at the constricting and numbing elements of institutionalized schooling. Also, how I once contributed to these wounds and how I try to correct them. Look Closer: How Does School Wound? Kirsten Olson Has Counted Some Ways http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/freedom-learn/201106/how-does-school-wound-kirsten-olson-has-counted-some-ways Porc Therapy http://www.porctherapy.com/ Donate to School Sucks: Chip In One Time http://edu-lu-tion.com/support Send Bitcoins http://edu-lu-tion.com/support/bitcoin Become A Monthly Subscriber http://schoolsucks.podomatic.com/ Other Ways to Help School Sucks: 1) FACEBOOK: School Sucks Podcast - Like, Comment, Share http://www.facebook.com/pages/School-Sucks-Podcast-The-END-of-Public-Education/144639747999 2) PODOMATIC -Like, Share, Embed, Comment 3) Follow School Sucks On TWITTER https://twitter.com/#!/SchoolSucksShow 4) YOU TUBE: Subscribe to the School Sucks Podcast You Tube ...

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054 Keys (Installment #4): Emergence (w/ Erica Goldson)

Imagine a door to complete freedom, abounding opportunity and greater personal satisfaction... Public education is the lock. This is the fourth in a series of non-sequential shows about finding keys. The END of Public Education? END: It's over, irrelevant, useless, needs to be done away with. Considering the time we're living in, this is more true than ever. Critical Thinking Questions: We are told in school that this "education" will open up the world to us and create endless options for our future. So why does it often feel like the world is being closed off and our options are being diminished? Topic: emergence (noun): 1. coming out of, passage out 2. a beginning 3. coming into sight Erica Goldson ...

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052: Holes

(Kids Are Not Defective Part 6) Topic: There is a phrase, "hole in the soul," that describes how a person may feel incomplete, unworthy, or dependent on external things. While much of this is probably rooted in family, I believe that school can contribute to one's sense of personal emptiness. This is a long and winding show that covers a valedictorian's brave and moving graduation speech, leading into a discussion of the problems created for all students by the carrots and sticks of school. As Alfie Kohn points out in his book (linked below), even the rewards are a kind of punishment, robbing us of our own purpose and intrinsic motivation. Whether we are the "overachiever" who gets the carrots ...

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