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[PODCAST] #434: Memory Conditioning – How the Memory System Works…Or How It Doesn’t

#MemoryCondition A brief (and optional in this series) neurology-based discussion of the process of making memories. This includes the development of the understanding of the memory system, retrograde and anterograde amnesia, and trauma's strange effect on memory. The Memory Process In A Nutshell 1. external events occur 2. Stimuli encounters the 5 senses (iconic, echoic) 3. Senses transport data to the working memory - holding area 4. central processor - controls how much attention is given to the contents of the working memory (episodic buffer, visuo-spatial sketchpad, phonological loop) 5. Long-term memory - data stored and potentially available for recall, it can be explicit (episodic or semantic) or implicit (procedural or emotional) Look Closer: McGill University: Memory and Learning The ...

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