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[SUPPLEMENTAL] #386: The Unfortunate Consequences of Well-Intentioned Social Engineering

This installment is a re-post of my recent appearance on the Free Your Mind Podcast. I recommend this conversation for those of you who are newer to our work and interested in the history of public schooling. Monologue: "The Dark Side Of Nationwide School Tests" Covered In This Discussion: -What are "Travelers' Reports" -School is a tool of governance -What was the rationalization for establishing social controls through schooling? Immigration, changing economic needs -rugged individualism and "Yankee entrepreurialism" seen as "menace of overproduction" -production needed to be controlled, channeled into serving the needs of the managerial classes -1934 Ellwood P Cubberley - Public Education in the United States During his career, he maintained a view of education as an instrument ...

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