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[PODCAST] #343d: Dr. Darren Tapp – Can Private Tutoring Challenge the School Monopoly? (2015 Liberty Forum)

Part Four in our 2015 New Hampshire Liberty Forum Discussions Darren and I discuss his presentation Challenging the Educational Monopoly. Darren's Bio: Dr. Darren Tapp has spent over a decade teaching various mathematical concepts at a handful of colleges. Darren is currently teaching at New Hampshire Technical Institute, and Southern New Hampshire University. Darren is the founder of Dr. Tapp’s mathematical playgrounds, which bring concepts of arithmetic, geometry, and combinatorics to young people. Darren is also co-host of Neocash Radio. Darren's Presentation At Liberty Forum After years of observing the results of public education Dr. Darren Tapp decided to provide alternatives to parents. This has lead to several activities that promote mathematical concepts. Darren will describe some pedagogical differences his ...

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111 (School News #7): Community Outraged By Teacher Who Tells Kids the Truth

From the New York Post (which is not a good newspaper): Elementary School Teacher Tells Kids There's No Santa Claus By Todd Venezia and Jennifer Bain Even the Grinch wouldn’t be this mean. A sourpuss teacher in Rockland County ruined Christmas for a class full of second-graders this week, when she told them that there is no Santa Claus during a lesson about the North Pole. The evil educator even told the youngsters — mostly 7- and 8-year-olds — that the presents under their trees were put out by their parents, and not St. Nick. Read More here... Video:

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