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[CHRISTMAS BONUS] #390: Dropping Out, Home Education, Pop-Culture & Role Models (Brett On Red Ice Radio)

This is hour two of my recent conversation with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio. Our discussion includes my answers to the following questions: -Your view on dropping out of school. (Plenty of successful people have dropped out of school vs. those who end up in life long debt to get an “education” that in some cases won’t get you anywhere. This would be particularly true in America, I guess). Good idea to drop out, as soon as possible? - The issue of homeschooling (Your suggestions on how to successfully pull this off as a parent if you can’t afford hiring tutors. Do you have any tips? Also do you have any suggestions for those in countries where homeschooling is ...

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[PODCAST] #339: Don’t Stay In School? (With Derrick J and Ali Havens)

Derrick J. returns to discuss an email he recently sent to his two 7th grade sisters about leaving school. It has been two weeks and he is still waiting for a reply. His father, a former principal, asked him not to discuss it with them any more. What would you do? How would you follow up? The email was inspired by this video from BoyInABand: Read his article here: Don’t Stay in School. Look Closer: Derrick's Site: DerrickJ.me - http://derrickj.me/ Freedom Feens - http://www.freedomfeens.com/ Free Talk Live - https://www.freetalklive.com/ Flaming Freedom - http://flamingfreedom.com/ Derrick On School Sucks - https://schoolsucksproject.com/?s=derrick

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Podcast #300: Dropping Out and Nihilism (With Nick Hazelton)

A conversation with Nick Hazelton of Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast. Nick is a 15-year-old from Oregon who aims to drop out of high school and pursue yak herding. Discussion: Click here for Brett's full show notes -Nick's own sustainable farm -thinking about dropping out of high school -dissuasion -understand your reasons for wanting to drop out. -consider online schools and home schooling -research the legal requirements for you to drop out -talking to parents -starting podcasting -project based learning -Critical thinking taught in schools -Skepticism -drawing a line with belief -Logical Fallacies -Conspiracy Theory : MacDonald's is poisoning its customers -Building a philosophy -Politics (where nihilism gets pretty dangerous) -There are no contradictions in nature -cause and effect -The trivium -If we ...

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