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Podcast #264: History Through A Cultural Lens, with Thaddeus Russell

Part 2 in the survey series, A Renegade History Course. This is the second discussion with historian Thaddeus Russell, the author of A Renegade History of the United States. Discussed Today: -Brett's Problems with Macklemore -Are gay people being encouraged to embrace and celebrate conformity? -Thaddeus discusses his appearance on the Sean Hannity Show -The Progressive Lineage of Macklemore’s And Lorde’s Attacks On the Pleasures of the Poor, by Thaddeus Russell -Daniel Bell and cultural contradictions of capitalism -The Puritan work ethic of Girls Gone Wild -Truth by consensus -Hegel -History through a cultural lens -Would Karl Marx have changed the world if he had been a union organizer? -Doris Kearns Goodwin and the Great Man theory -Full audio of ...

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236 (Live): Historical Research Methods, Historiography, and Historicity

Picture: From the most paranoid conspiracy theorists to the most patriotic and authority-worshiping main-streamers, people need to understand that history is not a cartoon Historian Kevin Cole joins me for a live discussion, recorded on August 16th. Kevin explains his waking up process, and then we examine the history of the study of history. We also look into some of Kevin's projects - an upcoming book about the trivium and a recent article about Carol Quigley - to provide examples. Discussed: -the creation of disciplines -historiography (different lenses for viewing the past) -historicity (accuracy and impact) -the dangers of biographical history -Organic Unity -The Society of the Elect -Neologisms -The founding fathers and the Illuminati -The Professor Who Knew Too ...

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